Financial Aid Opportunities for Scientists from Low- and Middle-Income Countries

eSymposia Scholarships extended for virtual meetings
August 17, 2020
Publishing opportunity for research in LMICs in ecancer’s open access cancer journal
August 25, 2020

Apply now for financial aid to attend upcoming eSymposia virtual meetings!

Keystone Symposia is offering a limited number of free registrations in the form of Global Health Awards to participants from low- and middle- income countries (LMICs) to participate in our new eSymposia series.

This new digital format enables the inclusion of more diverse voices and global perspectives in conversations at the forefront of science and medicine, which are essential to shape research that serves the broad needs of all of humanity.

Award recipients will be provided with unique career-advancement opportunities, including:

  • Global platform to share their work with audiences around the world
  • Access to cutting-edge biomedical advances to inspire new research directions
  • Critical networking opportunities with field leaders and rising stars to advance their research and careers
  • And much more!

Applications are currently being accepted for all eSymposia through December 2020, and are open to LMIC scientists and clinicians of all career stages including students, post-docs, fellows, professors, doctors, etc. working in relevant fields of interest.

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