PrecisionOncology: Opportunity for promising young researchers

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April 7, 2021
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May 31, 2021

Keystone Symposia is looking to expand the reach and diversity of the upcoming critical conference, Precision Oncology: Translating Discovery to the Clinic! and is on the lookout for promising early-career candidates to attend on scholarship.

The conference is scheduled to hold on the eSymposia’s unique interactive platform which features live networking events, career roundtables, meet-the-editor panels, 1:1 appointments with field leaders and interfaces to enable collaboration and mentorship opportunities virtually!

The details of the meeting are below:

Program Highlights:

The discovery of genomic and epigenetic alterations in individual cancers has led to a plethora of precision medicine innovations and therapeutic successes in oncology. However, progress is still hindered by insufficient collaboration between basic researchers, drug development programs, and physician scientists with broad expertise across cancer biology, genomics and other relevant fields.

This eSymposia will bring together experts across diverse sectors to discuss recent translational breakthroughs, current challenges and future directions in precision oncology, including novel genomic insights, therapeutically promising mechanisms and drug targets, and new companion diagnostic tools. The program will emphasize leading-edge advances in “reverse translation” technologies, such as liquid biopsies and single cell genomics, in addition to innovative, first-in-class approaches to novel therapeutics.

Plenary Sessions:

  • Clinical Genomics
  • Targeting Novel Mechanisms
  • Creating Value from Liquid Biopsies
  • Clinical Trials and Overcoming Resistance
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Targeted Gene Transcription
  • Novel Therapeutics
  • The Future of Precision Oncology

Visit the conference information page for full details

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